WATCH has served the Regent Park community since 1997.

How many programMEs does WATCH operate?

WATCH operates four regularly run programmes: In-Class Programme at Lord Dufferin Junior and Public School, After-School Programme at Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, Blood Donor Programme at Canadian Blood Services, and Common Table Programme at Church of the Redeemer. WATCH also hosts events from time to time, with the most regularly run being the annual Holiday Dinner at the University of Toronto’s very own Hart House.

How can I volunteer for any one of your programMEs?

Simply hover your mouse over either the Programmes tab or the Events tab and click on the programme or event you’d like to participate in, and click the VOLUNTEER! button near the bottom. Fill out the associated registration form and one of our execs will soon be in contact.

Why is WATCH necessary?

Anyone at any point in their life can find themselves in a bout of bad luck. Multiple things can go wrong in a row and some obstacles may simply be insurmountable. Consequently, people may find themselves in dire situations, looking for the most basic necessities of living in such ways that they never imagined having to. On a larger scale, school boards may find that they greatly lack the funding needed to accommodate all the educational necessities of their young academics. On the opposite end of the spectrum, or at least in a less precarious position in life, is you: a person who wants to help. You have a genuine interest in the welfare of others but cannot afford any more of your already-hectic schedule to go out looking for ways to help. That is where WATCH comes in. We are your go-to for flexible commitments to making an impact on other people’s lives!

Who can volunteer to work with WATCH?

WATCH welcomes anyone who can dedicate a few hours per week for the length of a school year to help out in the community neighbouring the University of Toronto.


How are monetary donations used?

The WATCH Foundation is grateful to its generous donors. It takes seriously its accountability to its donors and the public at large, and thus keeps strict financial records and receipts. These receipts can be accessed by anyone upon request by contacting In terms of usage of funds, WATCH uses any donations it gets mainly for the costs of hosting events, including the Holiday Dinner, bake sales, community dinners, and so on.

I know someone that needs help. How can I connect WATCH to them?

WATCH focuses on providing volunteers to other large organisations, including schools, community centers, libraries, and so on. If you know of a particular place that could use a helping hand, WATCH will gladly initiate a new partnership in order to better serve the community at large. Feel free to send an email to describing how you think WATCH could reach out to support the place you have in mind. You may even be invited to come on board as a vice president for a brand new programme!

My child needs help. How much does WATCH cost?

WATCH bases its services on volunteers and for volunteers, or, in other words: all is free. We connect people who want to help with those who need help, avoiding the time and effort required for those who want to help to find a way to do so. If your child is in need of homework help or a place of care while you are at work, we highly recommend one of Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs’ locations. If your family requires a warm meal, the Church of the Redeemer’s Common Table will be sure to assist you. Otherwise, WATCH does not provide one-on-one services.

I am unable to volunteer. How can i support the work of WATCH?

Like any not-for-profit organisation, we welcome monetary donations through our website – a link can be found in the footer of any of our webpages. We would highly appreciate if you could spread the word by sharing on Facebook or any form of social media you might use.