To expand our reach to the community and to provide a wide variety of volunteering opportunities for students, WATCH holds an array of events from time to time based on its analysis of current needs, including:

Bake sales

Delicious treats have commonly gone on sale throughout the University and the money from your snacks between lectures goes to building up other parts of the organisation

Blood donation drives

Canadian Blood Services comes by to University of Toronto campus grounds and hosts large blood drives where anyone who is eligible can donate their blood on the spot


WATCH has historically held balls for which people can purchase tickets, with the money going towards other charitable events, such as the Holiday Dinner

Community dinners

Potlucks and the Holiday Dinner itself have all been a part of WATCH’s rich history of contributing to the community


Proceedings were used to help fund other parts of the organization which allowed for more outreach into the community

Other events included silent auctions, art exhibits, and more.